Sports-based development programmes present a unique approach to empowering young people. But they are not always easy to create. That’s why we provide a simple methodology, that allows us to implement tailored programmes in line with our local needs. We also provide our partners with the opportunity to invest in these and many other football-based development programmes being carried out around our network.

The League Yathu is a children’s league that brings at risk boys and girls aged 5 to 15 years old from unstructured teams to have a chance of playing quality football games with improved mediums and an environment in which children develop a continued desire to participate in organized football with simple teaching fundamentals as well as ways in developing social competence skills under succession of layered instruction while having fun. This is made possible to create a league that children will own, run and interact through football as a medium. The League runs for six months from July to December, with teams playing games twice a month and has life skills sessions to impact responsibility, community identity, disability rights, girls’ empowerment as well as other social skills and sexual health knowledge as its focus areas. The expectation also, is that these children will be integrated into our academy for development of their professional and also into leadership roles.
Radio and TV Stations cover these games each week with a feature of boys and girls to share the impact the league has on their lives. Every other month, there is a coach’s choice, where different ideas are submitted by the attending coaches for what they would like to see as the league progresses.

The voice of change is an advocacy programme that uses radio and sport to provide comprehensive knowledge on governance, promote healthy behaviors and provide skills for mental wellbeing in stressful times targeting children and youth.

Sports for Inclusion is a sports diplomacy programme that recognizes the rights of all persons to develop their potential to the fullest. Sports for Inclusion provides opportunities for lifelong learning and personal growth for youth 11 years old through older adults with disabilities. This disability program, has classes and activities in education, crafts, health and wellness, recreation/life skills, support groups, disability related workshops, and specialized services in an effort to:

  1. Enhance the quality of life for people living with disabilities.
  2. Encourage attitudes of acceptance and actions that support people living with disabilities as integral members of our community.

The girls for change helps girls and women unleash potential through economic empowerment pathways with mentorship and storytelling used as medium for inspiration. The three aspects of operation that makes it unique are:

  1. Engaging and involving girls in ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT pathways that make them drivers of change today.
  2. Evolving and empowering girls to be central to the development of society through MENTORSHIP and hosting life-changing events.
  3. Use the power of STORYTELLING to highlight challenges girls face in communities and provide strategic capacity towards the needs and demands of girls.

Step Up is a programme that empowers schools and football for good organisations to deliver innovative interventions to foster literacy and numeracy levels among children and youth in sub Saharan Africa. Statistics show that the literacy rate for sub-Saharan Africa is 65 % with one third of the people aged 15 and above are unable to read and write. With a focus on raising attainment in literacy and numeracy through creativity, we aim to engage young people in highly creative and stimulating activities, building team work, confidence, self-esteem and numeracy skills through creation of homework clubs, developing a physically active lesson guide and a digital learning tool.

The Peer to Peer Promise for Life school based interventions uses sport as a tool for reaching out messages of HIV/AIDS prevention, testing and care, careers, life skills development, drug and alcohol awareness and outreach programs plus many more issues that affect the youth countrywide.

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