Our Bold Direction

How we Started

Founded in 2003

Bauleni United Sports Academy (BUSA) was founded on a simple premise by “ACTING TOGETHER” we can make positive change in the community by using sport as a tool for social change. This is still true today but BUSA has grown. Earlier we had people coming on board as community members and later we sent them to strong partners for empowerment and returned to run our events and activities. Today we focus more on COMMUNITY PROBLEM SOLVING by mobilizing participants, partners, business community leaders, civic leaders, to bring about change to children and youth to succeed. Our strategic focus is now SPORT, EDUCATION, HEALTH AND INCOME, embracing the complex of problems people in communities face. We are MORE DETERMINED THAN EVER to grow our revenue, relationships and operational excellence to advance our 2030 strategic goals.

It is only through PARTNERSHIP FOR GOALS, that we will be able to accomplish this important work. Together we must tap into aspirations, focus on underlying issues and the underlying conditions for change. We must come together in deeper, strategic ways to CREATE GREATER OPPORTUNITIES for our children and youth.

However, our team is made up of PROBLEM SOLVERS, DIFFERENCE MAKERS and OPPORTUNITY CREATORS. Together, we are on a mission to change lives of children and youths in our communities with a special emphasis on areas such as sport for development, youth leadership, health, education, mentorship, respect and social integration. We aim to increase the welfare of children and youth by offering them the opportunity to participate in SPORT, GOVERNANCE, ENVIRONMENT ISSUES, PEACE BUILDING, EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS ETC. We tackle the tough problems in these areas by partnering with local, international organisations and individuals who create opportunities and get results. We prepare children and youth to graduate READY TO SUCCEED, BE PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES, ACCESS QUALITY EDUCATION and ensure SAFE SPACE for them.

“Our focus is ready to DISCOVER community conditions needing improvements, DESIGN and BUILD long term solutions in partnership with others, measure results and guide CONTINOUS IMPROVEMENT” – Fred KangwaDirector of Programmes.

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